Indoor Plant Hire

Indoor Plant Hire from Osborne Plant Service

Whether you work in a small office or for a large corporation, indoor plants have the power to transform any environment. Adding style and a splash of colour, plants are also a fantastic producer of oxygen, perfect to place in stale and stuffy rooms to create clean, fresh, breathable air. Indoor areas such as offices and receptions are notorious for receiving very little fresh air, making them a fantastic location in which to place indoor plants.

Osborne Plant Service can provide your business with a wide range of plant hire solutions, from desk plants to larger free standing palms. We supply indoor plant hire to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, providing our clients with a convenient delivery service.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

In addition to creating oxygen, indoor plants can increase employee wellbeing and lead to a rise in productivity. A happy worker surrounded by healthy, green plants is a productive worker, leading to benefits for your business. Your business can also benefit from the fantastic first impression that visitors will receive when walking into your workplace for the first time, making hired indoor plants beneficial for employees, businesses and visitors.

Why Hire Plants?

Hiring plants primarily benefit businesses that would otherwise lack the time to care for and maintain plants. Osborne Plant Service can take care of every aspect of plant health, from trimming off dead leaves to repotting plants that may have outgrown their original pot.

Plant Care and maintenance

To keep any plant in optimum condition, it’s essential to provide it with the care and maintenance it requires. This includes regular watering, pruning, trimming, and fertilising. Osborne Plant Hire can take care of all these needs and more, saving you precious time that can instead be used to handle important business matters.

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