Well Being Of Having Plants In Offices


Indoor Office Plants for Your Well Being

On the scale of healthy environments, many offices wouldn’t rank highly. A typical work environment in Melbourne consists of an air conditioned room that is divided into workstations. Employees are seated at their desks for an average of eight hours per day, exercising only their fingers as they type away on computers.

These sorts of environment can contribute to a myriad of problems. Not only is the working condition stale, the artificial lighting, and a lack of fresh air can impact negatively on productivity levels, as well as the health of employees.

This is where our indoor plant hire service in Melbourne will help.

Office Plants – What Do We Need Them?

Indoor plants possess the ability to significantly improve a wide range of issues brought on by poorly ventilated indoor environments. They can provide a stark improvement to the indoor air quality as well as increase productivity, enhance psychological health and improve task performances. Furthermore, office plants are able to reduce illnesses and employee absenteeism, making them a valuable addition to all offices that shouldn’t be ignored.

While many people are aware of air pollution that is common in cities, it is often not known that air pollution is almost always higher indoors than outside. Most air-conditioning systems are not designed to remove gaseous outdoor pollutants from the air that is drawn into the room. As well, the indoor environment can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from plastics and synthetics like furniture, computers, fittings, printers and more. This effectively causes headaches, a loss of concentration, as well as irritations affecting the eyes, nose and throat. Indoor plants act as an affordable air purifier that is guaranteed to enhance your well being.

Healthier Minds and Healthier Bodies

Don’t be deceived by the seemingly inconspicuous presence of indoor plants in your office! In fact, they play a vital role in improving your employees’ well being both outside and in the office. Plants offer an invaluable range of health benefits including reduced coughing and wheezing, lowering of blood pressure, and a reduced level of stress and fatigue. All these physical improvements tie in with the effects it can have on your mind. When your physical health is at optimum levels, your mental health will follow too where you will feel more relaxed, attentive, enthusiastic, creative and engaged. Not only will your employees feel motivated to come to work, they are also more inclined to produce better quality work, contributing to the overall success of your business.

Hire your Indoor Office Plants from Osborne Plants Today

At Osborne Plants, we understand and cherish the value of having plants in an indoor environment. This is why we’ve been offering office plant hire services to Melbourne businesses for over 60 years. Whether you need small desk plants or large free-standing ones to be placed all over your premises in Melbourne, we’ll provide the best indoor plants to suit your needs. We’ll take care of your plants by providing plant maintenance (watering, fertilising, and trimming) so you can focus on your business, knowing that you and your employee’s well being is improving by the day. Call us today for a healthier and happier office environment!

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Posted On: February 2, 2015