Most Used and Widely Popular Office Plants Hire in Melbourne


A selection of good office plants is important to improving your work environment that includes improving air quality, look and feel and increasing the energy within rooms. In this post, I have given few useful types of plants which you can have in your office.

1. The lucky bamboo is best office plants which may bring you some good fortune and easily surely improves the look of your office.

2. The bunny ear cactus is a desert type plant which grows well and it requires very little water and plenty of lights because of this it is one of the best office plant hire Melbourne.

3. Peace lilies are another ideal office plants as it grows within an office because they’re attractive, remove pollutants and easy to maintain basic instructions.

4. The jade is another popular plant it is also known as the money, luck and friendship plant. That’s the reasons behind many people use this plant.

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Posted On: September 30, 2015