Few Important Things to Consider For Indoor Plants Maintenance


The people all over the world have their own opinion regarding the plants, some of them loves plants and care and feed them like their own child. There are some peoples who don’t really care too much about them.

However, the reality is this that you don’t care about your plants for your home or office, and then it will not survive for the longer duration. That’s why we all should care about our plants. There are some important rules that we need to remember in for the maintenance of the plants. Some more important rules are given by me in this post.

• Plants need light to create their energy and survive, so you should make sure that you place your plants where it gets the sufficient lights so that they can grow faster.

• You should remember that fertilisers help to keep the plant healthy by ensuring that it got the nutrients it needs. However, in the indoor plant maintenance you should remember that newly purchased or recently re-potted plants should not be fed with fertiliser unless they are couples of months old.

• Watering your plants is surely a most crucial element. It is wonderful that you love your plants, but don’t over water them as most of the indoor plants only require the watering once in the day.

• You also need to make sure that you should keep your plants safe from the kids and pets as they may harm them unintentionally, that’s it should be in the areas where they can grow without this kind of fear.

• To grow indoor plants in your home, you should use specific Tropicana soil for planting. Moreover, these kinds of soil have particular organic and inorganic qualities. Herbs require draining soils and vegetable needs a soil with particular qualities, therefore you should select a soil which best suits according to your plants needs.

• It is also important to maintain a certain temperature in your house like 20-22 degrees temperature is surely ideal for the plants to grow. To achieve this in your home, you can use wet clay at the bottom of the plant’s pot.

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Posted On: September 16, 2015